Come To A Coffee Tasting

Taste before you buy!

coffeecupWe hold coffee tasting sessions in Central London so you can discover the quality of  Buna-Oromia Coffee before you buy. The tasting sessions take place at:

  1. The Peoples Super Market in Lambs Conduit Street,
  2. Earth Natural Food in Kentish Town,
  3. Bumble Bee at Brecknock Road
  4. and for over a year now on Sundays at Chapel Market in Islington.

At tasting sessions customers can taste the difference between our five coffees:

  1. Limu: Strength 4, strong, smooth with caramel finish
  2. Harar: strength 4, medium, smooth fragrant aroma and strong Mocha taste.
  3. Jimma: strength 4, medium, fruity flavour and winey undertones. The coffee is from original trees where first coffee discovered and first used.
  4. Yergachefee: strength 3, and one of the first finest, smooth, lemony with slightly chocolate taste.
  5. Sidamo: strength 3, sweet and fragrant taste, a bright citrusy finish.

A customer at the chapel market commented on the coffee she bought (Harar) ..  “it tastes like hot chocolate when drunk with milk. .. I love Harar for the smooth taste with the strength I really like from my coffee.”

So look out for our tasting sessions and come and try some yourself.



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