About Coffee

Coffee was first discovered in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. The word “coffee” is derived from “Kaffa”. The coffees growing in Ethiopia are one of the finest Arabica coffees in the world. Major coffee varieties are growing in Oromia. Therefore, Buna-Oromia coffee is from its origin. The qualities of coffees are due to high altitude, temperate climate and natural resources conducive to coffee cultivation. The coffees are organically grown hand-picked, sun dried and wet processed to signify the type and quality. The coffees given a local name where they grow and gained their unique aroma, taste and quality. Therefore all Buna Oromia coffees are organic, traceable, single origin Arabica’s sourced from Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Unions and Oromia coffee farmers.


About the producers

In Oromia coffee is a key cash crop that touches many aspects of people’s life. The Oromo people use coffee for various purposes including for religious rituals, by and large it is consumed for nourishment during social occasions. Discussions at coffee break cover all aspects of local issues. Among many; the environment: about rain and drought seasons that have effect on agricultural production including coffee. Family and community affairs: about childcare and communal relations. Economic: market information; about crop and cattle price fluctuations that affect the price of coffee and other social issues. Other issues often discussed during coffee drinking ceremony.  Therefore coffee has vital role in keeping families and communities together among the Oromo and other Ethiopians.

Access to the coffee market

The coffees are rated as one of the finest in the world. However, the producers Oromia coffee farmers, do not have the opportunity to access coffee market. Ethical trading is for fair pay is required for producers to work their way out of poverty. One of the alternatives and a possible poverty defeating mechanism is the farmers to get direct world coffee market access for their product for them to earn the right price. This can only be achieved when the link to the UK and world coffee market is accessible to the producers.


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