About Us

Organic and Natural Arabica Coffee


About the company

Buna-Oromia Coffee Company Limited is a business formed by friends who want to build an ethical UK based coffee business that links directly with coffee farming communities in Oromia, Ethiopia. The company is set up after conducting market research by running stalls, conducting presentations, collecting information about public awareness of Oromia Coffee and carried out search for potential links in cooperation with Fairtrade Networks. The partners’ past business experience including charity work, running private shop, hotel management, and other relevant skills related to building a company that  benefit coffee farmers’ co-operatives.

Objectives of the Company

Buna-Oromia Coffee Company plans to promote Oromia Coffee by developing a business information network that link coffee roasters, coffee shops, supermarkets, wholesale or retailers and consumers, in UK. Work to strengthen trade links between the Oromia coffee farming community and the coffee market in UK by demonstrating the quality of coffee and it’s producers’ potentials. Create direct links with fair and ethical trading organisations to benefit Oromia coffee farming community.

Who benefits?

The company advocates ethical trading and fair pay to producers. We aim to promote the Oromia coffee farmers’ principle of self-reliance and hard struggle against eliminating poverty in the region by growing coffee. Hence, we shall transfer some of the profit to support the farmers’ education, healthcare and development programmes.

About the Coffees:

Coffee was first discovered in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. The word “coffee” is derived from “Kaffa”. Varieties of coffee grow in a number of regions in Ethiopia. However, the major varieties are growing in Oromia. Therefore, Buna-Oromia is coffee from its origin. The qualities of those Arabica coffees are due to nature; the high altitude, temperate climate and natural resources conducive to coffee cultivation. The coffees are hand-picked, sun dried and wet processed to signify the type and quality. Therefore the coffees are given a local name to refer to the origin where it is grown and gained its unique aroma, taste and quality. Therefore all our coffees are traceable, single origin Arabica’s and produced by Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Unions and Oromo coffee farmers.

About the producers.

In Oromia coffee is a key cash crop that touches many aspects of the lives of people in the region. Generally the Oromo people use coffee for various purposes including for religious rituals, but by and large it is consumed for nourishment and during social occasions. Discussions at coffee break cover all aspects of local issues. Among many; the environment: about rain and drought seasons that have effect on agricultural production including coffee. Family and community affairs: about childcare and communal relations. Economic: market information; about crop and cattle price fluctuations that affect the price of coffee and other social issues are often discussed during coffee drinking ceremony.  Therefore coffee has vital role in keeping families communities together among the Oromo people and other Ethiopians.

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Access to the coffee market

The varieties of coffees produced are among the high rated in the world. However, the Oromo people who produce the crop do not have the opportunity to get access into coffee market and ethical trading that is required for coffee farmers to work their way out of poverty. One of the alternatives and a possible poverty defeating mechanism is the farmers to get direct access, for their coffee product, to the world market that earns them the right price. This can only be done when it is possible to link the coffee market directly with producers.

Supply of the Coffees

Coffee products are available in large quantities, both beans and ground, for home use, retailers and for coffee outlets.